Philadelphia Dance Center
Philadelphia Dance Center
8702 Crispin Street
Philadelphia, PA 19136

Welcome to the Philadelphia Dance Center!

Thom McIntyre, owner and creative director, opened the center in 2009 to welcome students of all ages and abilities to achieve a dance education while having fun.   Philadelphia Dance Center strives to help develop your individual talents, while boosting your confidence, energy, and social skills.

The center strongly believes that the arts as an essential part of the community.  It can lift the spirit and raise the collective consciousness of the people within the community.

Since the studio opened, the studio continues to grow, along with expand into many different facets and adventures.  In 2010, the Philadelphia Dance Center had our first group of students represent themselves and the studio in workshops, along with competitions.  

The Philadelphia Dance Center is always looking for new students.  Visit or Contact us if you have any questions.

Doors are always open.

Philadelphia Dance Center
8702 Crispin Street
Philadelphia, PA 19136

(267) 475-7005